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Fiona Job, BaSC
Crystal Healer

Hi! My name is Fiona. I am an experienced intuitive lightworker who has a passion for spirituality and divination. Since 2017 I have gained experience with crystals and discovered my purpose is to do my part in helping and educating the world to awaken and heal one soul at a time.

Crystals have changed my life completely. It has put me on a path to further help others in growth and spiritual development. I am happy to help you in any way I can. Come connect with me!

Fiona is talented in how she can feel your energy and connect this with what you need at the moment you are with her. She has helped me and my partner many times and we always come back for a session with her.

If you need any healing, guidance, and maybe even an understanding of how all this works, Fiona is the right person to go to!

She not only is talented in her craft but she has knowledge about it and can explain things in an understandable language for you to understand and move forward​

- Denise (Amsterdam)


Fiona is the best crystal healing practitioner that I know! She really knows what she’s doing. Before the crystal healing I was very agitated, stressed, and I felt that I needed to balance my chakras. During the session, I saw a lot of colors while my eyes were closed. Afterwards, I felt very relaxed, aligned and balanced. I totally recommend her to everyone!

Fiona is the absolute best! She has a lot of experience and I can confirm this. Compared to other crystal healing practitioners that I have visited in the past, Fiona is the absolute best crystal healing practitioner I know!​

- Giomy (The Hague)

I was very happy with my first ever crystal healing experience and I would definitely do it again with this lovely lady. The first information she shared was so accurate I couldn't believe it. Wow! Most of the things she said to me I was experiencing at the time and no, there was no way she could even get those information from anybody, as I don't share my things.

And yes i totally recommend her

- Judmaris (Curaçao)


+31638873973    |

Business Hours: Mon - Fri: 10:00 am - 17:00

Sat - Sun: 12:00 pm - 15:00

Address: Vleugels 

Elandstraat 77a

2513 GM

The Hague, Netherlands

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